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Monthly delivery subscription

Vetpost is a parasite treatment home delivery service offering you an affordable, convenient and reliable way for you to ensure your pet is protected against the right parasites with the right product.

Speak to one of our team about registering for a monthly delivery subscription for 12 months. If your cat has visited us in the last 12 months, we’ll be able to register you over the phone. Each delivery has our practice branding on the box, so you know what it is, and will be addressed to your pet. And every 12 months we’ll send you a reminder to let you know when your prescription is coming to an end. Simple!

The importance of flea, tick,mite and worming treatment:

Pets should be treated for fleas, ticks, mites and worms throughout the year to protect them from these parasites and the diseases they can transmit. One of our clinical team will be able to advise and prescribe you the most appropriate treatment plan for your cat according to their lifestyle.

The cost of managing an infestation in your home can drastically outweigh the cost of protecting your cat!

Call us on 01922 411755 to register for Vetpost.