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Avoid heartache

It’s a sad fact that many cats will go missing from home this year. It’s not uncommon for cats to simply disappear without reason, to lose their bearings if their family has recently moved house, or even to curl up in a delivery van and be unknowingly whisked away to a new destination.

Microchipping gives your cat the best chance of getting home. Whilst collars and tags can be lost or removed, microchipping involves inserting a tiny, permanent chip under the skin in a quick, easy procedure. The chip has its own unique code which is registered and stored together with your contact details on a database. So if your cat does go missing and is brought in to a vets and routinely scanned, or scanned elsewhere, you’re only a phone call away!


Help avoid heartache and ask us about microchipping your cat today. We can insert a microchip as a stand-alone conscious procedure, or for a reduced rate if done at the same time as a vaccination, neutering or other procedure.

For microchips to work, you need to ensure your contact details are kept up to date. If you move house or change your phone number, don’t forget to inform the database of your new contact details.