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Laser Clinics

Using Laser

Laser Therapy

We’re delighted to offer a low level Class IIIb laser treatment service as a brilliant way to speed up rehabilitation, to support pain management and help relieve symptoms across a whole range of health issues and ultimately improve your cat’s wellbeing. It’s cost effective, non-invasive, drug-free and cat friendly.


We run laser clinics, after consultation with a vet, where you bring your cat in for a series of tailored laser sessions to help improve their current health status.

We also use laser therapy post-surgery to help with recovery. All our cat spays now receive complimentary laser therapy post-op!

How does laser work?

Applying red and near-infra red light over injuries, painful areas or lesions helps to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Laser wavelength and density are set according to the nature of the pet’s condition, and a laser-emitting probe sends pulses or an uninterrupted light stream to the problem area for a set time. Laser can be used to encourage new cell growth, to stimulate the release of natural pain killers and suppress pain sensation and also to boost immunity.

What conditions can laser treat?

The most common condition we help to manage with laser therapy is arthritis, as completely medication-free pain relief or as a supplementary therapy alongside prescribed pain management drugs.

Other conditions laser can help with are:

Is treatment safe?

Absolutely. Being a Class IIIb laser, there’s no danger of damage to tissue or skin through “over-use”. Whilst there is a potential risk of eye damage if looking into the probe, we take great care to ensure your pet is safe and shielded at all times.

Is it cat-friendly?

Yes! Treatment is silent, incredibly gentle, given in short bursts during each session and there’s no need for sedation as it does not cause discomfort. We don’t need to shave the targeted area, and there’s no tenderness or unpleasant after-effect. Many pets we’ve seen are very calm and relaxed afterwards. Some even nod off during treatment!


I’m interested in laser therapy. What will my cat need?

Treatment packages will vary depending on your feline friend’s particular health issue, but we normally recommend an initial course of four sessions. Laser therapy sessions are normally booked for 30 minutes, and prices start at £20.

Please get in touch if you feel laser could improve your cat’s wellbeing and quality of life.