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Imaging & Diagnostics

Imaging and Diagnostics

Imaging and Diagnostics

We have access to a wide spectrum of imaging and diagnostic tools on site to help to support us in our diagnoses should your cat fall ill.

Imaging and Diagnositics

Bloods and lab work

Being able to run blood tests in house means we can make faster decisions, which is especially imperative if a cat is in a critical condition. Blood tests we perform on site include being able to check blood chemical levels, useful for determining kidney and liver function capability, and testing blood cell counts to see if a pet is suffering from certain conditions such as anaemia, or has an increase or decrease in inflammatory cells which can signify underlying health problems.


We have the capacity to scan abdominal and thoracic conditions with great clarity, using our ex-NHS ultrasound machine which has been reconditioned for veterinary use. Our ultrasound machine enables us to look in 3D at a particular internal organ or cavity to watch how things are moving. And we have different probes that enable us to scan different structures effectively at different depths.

For medical diagnosis:

Ultrasound scanning is a brilliant way of viewing areas such as the liver, spleen and kidneys – carrying out a scan enables us look for changes in the structure of these organs to help us to establish why your pet is ill. As we’re watching a live feed, it’s great too for assessing heart function and for checking for abnormalities in the way a heart beats or any damage to heart valves or enlargement in heart chambers. The procedure can usually be carried out without sedating or anaesthetising your pet

Pregnancy scanning:

We offer a pregnancy scanning service to confirm whether your cat is pregnant, that the unborn kittens all have heartbeats and to help assess that it’s a healthy pregnancy.


We use our digital x-ray machine for taking and interpreting high quality x-rays in house. This helps us to reach diagnoses on a number of conditions including lameness, bone problems (including fractures) and certain abdominal or heart and lung conditions.

For dentistry, we have a specific digital dental x-ray machine which feeds excellent clarity of images to a laptop for interpretation. The high image quality enables us assess the tooth crown and root for damage and infection so that we can treat your cat efficiently and effectively. Cats can suffer from a very painful condition called resorptive lesions (where the root disintegrates below the level of the gum) which can only be detected by high quality digital x-ray. Therefore, no cat should have tooth extraction without a prior x-ray to establish the correct treatment approach.

Imaging and Diagnostics

ECG (electrocardiograph) machine

We’ll run an ECG trace (a graphical representation of the electrical readout of a patient’s heart) if we’re worried your cat’s suffering from a heart condition where the heart rate or rhythm is affected. Our ECG machine is portable, which means we can run the trace in the comfort of our quiet cat ward.