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Winter cat care

It’s looking beautiful outside this morning with our recent snowfall. And wintery too! Definitely time to remind ourselves about how best we can protect our feline friends from the cold this season!

If your cat likes to go outdoors, make sure cat flaps aren’t frozen shut, or in this weather, blocked by snow. For outdoor explorers, having a little shelter, like a cardboard box protected with plastic sheeting, provides protection from the elements where they can watch the world go by. Make sure there’s plenty of access to fresh water inside as puddles and outdoor water stations may be frozen.

Cats may be less keen to venture outside to toilet if it’s really cold, so it’s useful to have an extra litter tray to hand indoors. And having a cosy spot to snuggle in indoors – somewhere quiet and away from any drafts – is perfect for long, lazy, comfortable snoozing. It could be a fleecy cat bed or even a cardboard box filled with blankets in a favourite spot. Make sure inquisitive paws (and whiskers!) can’t get too close to wood burning stoves and naked flames to stay safe!

If your cat is spending more time indoors, make sure they have plenty of toys to help keep them mentally stimulated and for physical activity too. A great opportunity for playtime together and spending great quality time with your feline friend!