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Vet nurses and their client-facing role

We’re really proud to have dedicated consulting streams run by our Registered Veterinary Nursing Team in both 387 Vets and The West Midlands Cat Clinic. There are a huge variety of clinics on offer ranging from diabetes support, guidance on best nutrition for pets suffering from specific medical conditions, behaviour, laser therapy and pain management, puppy and kitten weigh and worms, life stage support, weight management, post-op checks… the list goes on!

Since we opened in 2007, we have always recognised the importance of having a dedicated nurse consulting room, and our Registered Veterinary Nurse Sharon is our longest-serving consulting nurse having been here for 13 years! She is particularly passionate about weight management and pet nutrition, and in 2016, completed 9 months of study and assessments to achieve a Distinction in a Certificate in Canine and Feline Veterinary Health Nutrition to better support our pet patients with optimum diet and body condition advice.

In addition to her other nursing responsibilities, since 2018, Sharon has been in charge of processing all pet insurance claims that come through practice. The number of claims she handles has increased so significantly that Sharon now has a day off rota each week to focus specifically on pet insurance. Can you believe, in 2022 Sharon processed 1300 claims! Amazing! Thank you, Sharon, for your long-standing care and diligence in supporting our pet owners both in and outside the consult room.