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Thank you Ma’am

We were very saddened by the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death yesterday. As well as her love of her people, she was passionate about pets and fell in love with corgis after receiving her first, Susan, for her 18th birthday. She owned over 30 corgis in her lifetime, many descended from that first pup, and was devastated when the final descendent, Willow, passed away in 2018. The Queen loved walking her dogs, they provided her with much joy, love and companionship, and photos of the Queen with her four-legged friends was not an unfamiliar site in the press.

Thank you Ma’am for your incredible dedication and service to our nation over the past 70 years. And for letting us in behind the scenes, to see you not only as a monarch, but as a family-orientated grandma, great-grandma, mum and doting pet owner too.

Image credit:

Annie Leibovitz