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Thank you for your amazing kindness

We were once again overwhelmed by the response to our Give a Pet a Christmas Dinner Campaign 2021. You are truly amazing! The huge quantity of food and accessories on display in the photo doesn’t even include the full complement, as donations to the end of the first week of December were delivered to pets in shelter mid month.

Overall, we collected 430 tins, trays and sachets of wet food, over 80kg of dry food, more than 100 packets of treats and 80 toys for homeless pets waiting for their forever homes. That’s not to mention leads and collars, blankets (some beautifully hand-knitted), towels, dog coats, bedding and even a filled Christmas stocking!

All donations will be given to the Sunnyside Kennels branch of Birmingham Dogs Home in Coven and local cat and rabbit charities. Your donations will mean so much to pets in local shelters and the charities that care for them.