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This is one of two babies that our amazing nurses have been looking after over the past 10 days. The kittens were found in a skip on an industrial estate. The lady who brought them in thinks they were born there as there are lots of cats in the area, and that mummy cat must have been scared away when the skip lorry came as she didn’t return. Sadly, one of the three kittens didn’t make it, but the boy and the girl that did are now thriving. Our RVNs have been feeding them every three hours and were especially excited that the little boy opened his eyes this week! A big shout out in particular to our RVNs Paige, Cody, Rachael and Charlotte who have been taking the kittens home and doing the middle of the night feeds. Here is our work experience student Jasmine helping with feeding time in practice!

The kittens have now been passed on to the RSPCA. We wish them a life full of love and happiness after such a rocky start.