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Protect against these nasties

This is a flea larva we took from a cat earlier this week. We were able to watch it wiggle about and raise its head to the lens under our microscope. It must have known we were taking photos! Fleas love the warmer weather that Spring brings, and now is the time that dormant flea eggs from last year are starting to hatch outdoors. Adult fleas will hop onto passing pets for a tasty meal, return back with them and make their home in pet bedding as well as in your carpets and soft furnishings where they will lay lots more eggs that will hatch into this!

Fleas can cause a range of problems for our pets including itchy skin, rashes and hair loss. That’s not to mention the awful thought of them creating an infestation in our home.

Veterinary-licensed flea products are really effective at killing fleas before they lay eggs and will protect against a wide range of other health-threatening parasites too. Call us on 01922 411755 and speak to one of our team to discuss the best parasite treatment option for your cat.