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Play, not prey!

All about play

Today’s feline Friday post is all about play! A cat’s natural instinct is to stalk and hunt, which, for outdoor cats means targeting local wildlife and is a concern for conservationists and owners alike. Now, a recent study carried out by Exeter University indicates we can successfully reduce the amount our cat hunts without resorting to keeping them indoors, and have fun doing so at the same time!

The study found that increased play – just 5 to 10 minutes per day – in cats whose protein source is based on meat can lead to a 25% reduction in the number of prey animals brought home. The type of play used in the study simulated hunting, so wand toys with feathers were used to encouraged cats to stalk and pounce, and cats were then given a mouse toy afterwards to enact further hunting behaviours.

The above method is a great way of helping to save wildlife and simultaneously reducing the number of ‘presents’ left in the house for us by our cats. And play is a great way of growing the bond between cat and owner and brings joy all round. A win-win!

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