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Painful problem solved

Arrabella came to see us as a second opinion back in the summer with a recurrent anal prolapse. She was struggling to go to the loo which was really distressing. On investigation, we noted poor Arrabella had a thickening in her abdomen and we were able to determine that she was suffering from an intussusception. This is where a piece of gut essentially telescopes back into another piece of gut and causes a blockage. We admitted Arrabella for surgery, and Carlos removed the section of gut overlap to open up a clear passage through the guts. To make a relapse less likely, he also stitched part of Arrabella’s colon to her abdominal wall to reduce the likelihood of further entanglement.

We are delighted that Arrabella responded really well to her surgery, and 4 months on, she’s put in weight, has a good appetite and there has been no recurrence of her prolapse. Mum is equally delighted with Arrabella’s progress and sent us this fab photo of the beautiful 8 year old British short hair chilling out and loving life at home!