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New year fireworks

We hope you and your feline friends have had a lovely Christmas. Hard to believe it will be 2023 on Sunday! With new year approaching, here are some tips to help cats cope with any celebratory fireworks parties you may have near you:

Keep cats indoors and make sure cat flaps are locked and windows are closed to ensure cats don’t head back outside. Keep clean litter trays by the cat flap.

Make sure cats have access to all their favourite hiding spots so they can take themselves off should they wish. You can even make them their very own special safe place – a box or basket filled with towels or blankets to snuggle down into. Place securely up high for nimble felines.

Keep the TV or radio on to help muffle loud noises. Check out YouTube for calming soundtracks to help cats cope with fireworks.

And, very importantly, stay calm. If your cat is visibly anxious, avoid the the temptation to over-fuss. If they choose to hide, let them be. Staying calm will help your cat to feel more settled.

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