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Mobility magic!

This is Persian cat Teagan who is an incredible 21 years young and is a familiar feline face at The West Midlands Cat Clinic. With her increase in years, poor Teagan started to struggle with her mobility and back in 2022, started on monthly pain inhibiting injections to support her with her arthritis. In practice for her latest injection last week, her mum stated that the treatment has really given her a new lease of life. Teagan happily goes up and down the stairs at home, jumps up onto the sofa and will even jump up onto the window sill so she can watch the world go by! Super impressive for such a senior lady!

Cats are very good at hiding pain, With the colder weather, however, it can be more obvious that our feline friends are struggling with achy joints. Signs that your cat may have arthritis include limping and stiffness, sleeping more, weight loss, difficultly jumping to high places and climbing stairs, spending less time outdoors, not being able to groom themselves properly, longer claws (as they are not wearing them down getting out and about or on scratch pads), playing less and being less keen to be stroked or to interact.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, please do get in touch. There are lots of ways we can support feline friends with pain management, improve their quality of life and help put a spring back in their step!