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Mind the heat

With the weather forecast to be hot over the next few days, make sure your kitty stays cool! Cats love to chill in the sunshine, so it’s a good idea to provide lots of shade in the garden to prevent over-exposure from the sun. Leafy plants, patio furniture and even cardboard boxes can be useful sun shades. If your cat has white fur, try keeping them inside from late morning until mid afternoon to avoid the hottest part of the day. Cats with white fur are more likely to get sunburnt, which can ultimately cause skin cancer. Ask us about pet friendly sun screen. Make sure indoor cats can get away from the sun too, and keep air circulating at home. A frozen water bottle wrapped in a towel and placed in a favourite spot to rest can provide welcome relief from the heat.

Staying hydrated is important. Dot water bowls about the house and provide fresh water outside too. Avoid plastic bowls as plastic can taint the taste of the water. Cats love running water, so a pet water fountain can hydrate and entertain too! Summer fun!