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Low stress handling

Beautiful Siamese cat Maisy was in to see us earlier this week for a senior pet clinic. This includes a full health and dental check with a vet, mobility scoring for arthritis, urine testing and blood pressure testing to check for early onset of diseases associated with more senior pets so we can treat these most effectively. The clinics are designed for cats of 8 years and older, and we recommend these as an interim check up between annual booster visits.

This is 18 year old Maisy having her blood pressure taken through a special cuff on her tail. We’ve just started using lick-e-lix treats to reduce the amount of feline handling necessary during certain procedures, as the treats act as a distraction, encourage cats to remain in a set position without any restraint and helps them to feel more relaxed. Maisy absolutely loved her treats – every time we took the packet away to squeeze out more, she tapped us on the arm to tell us she wanted more! Success!