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Lily alert

Fresh flowers are beautiful but please do avoid lilies in bouquets in cat-owning households as they are extremely toxic to our feline friends if ingested and can cause kidney failure and can even be fatal. Cats are at risk from brushing up against the pollen then ingesting when grooming, from eating any part of the flower (stems and leaves included) or from drinking the water in a vase containing lilies. Do get in touch immediately if you suspect your cat has been exposed to the plant. Veterinary treatment is supportive rather than curative as there is no antidote, and is focused on removing the poison from the body. In addition to fluid therapy to flush out toxins, this may include making the patient sick or using charcoal to absorb the toxins, although success depends on how much pollen a cat has ingested and how long it has been in the cat’s system. Best to avoid lilies altogether and avoid the risk!