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Lifesaving treatment for Billy

This is beautiful one year old Billy who came to see us back in November as he was very lethargic, wasn’t keen to be handled, was thin and wasn’t putting on weight. We were concerned that Billy was suffering from feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) which tests subsequently confirmed.

Without treatment, FIP is very sadly fatal. It’s not common, but is caused by feline coronavirus (no link to C-19 and not contractable by humans) which many cats do have. Most remain healthy despite having feline coronavirus or may have mild tummy issues such as diarrhoea. In a small number of cases, however, feline coronavirus will develop into FIP. Cats of any age or breed can be affected, but the condition is more likely to occur in cats under 2 years old, in felines that have recently experienced a stressful event, in cats that have been kept with lots of other cats, and in pedigree breeds.

Until recently, there was no treatment for FIP. However, a new anti-viral medication now enables cats, in most cases, to make a full recovery. We started Billy on the anti-viral treatment and within days his owner reported he seemed brighter and was eating. Within a week he was much more comfortable and had a great appetite, and within a month his owner reported he was back to normal behaviours. It’s not a quick fix as medication has to be given over a significantly sustained period, but in Billy’s case the meds were a lifesaver. We are delighted that Billy is back in great health and living his best life again!