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Laser for pain management

This is beautiful Maine Coon Winston who has been in for his second session of laser therapy on his paw. Poor Winston started limping back in January after he was startled by an alarm. Investigation didn’t detect any breaks or any thickening of bone in his paw, but did identify soft tissue swelling and the area was tender to palpate. Despite taking pain killers, Winston continued to limp, so we decided to give Winston an injection for arthritis and to start him on laser therapy to help with speeding up rehabilitation and pain management. Laser works by applying red and near-infra red light over injuries at specific frequencies and densities to encourage cell growth and stimulate the release of natural pain killers and pain suppressants. It’s perfect for cats as it’s silent, non-invasive, is pain-free and you don’t need to trim any fur prior to treatment. You can see how chilled Winston is during his session!

Even after just the first session, Winston’s owner said she’d noticed an improvement and that Winston was bearing more weight on his poorly leg. We look forward to hearing how he’s doing once he finishes his initial course.