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Kitten vaccination

A big hello to 3 month old Reggie and Dora who have been in to the cat clinic for their first vaccinations. Dora is aptly named after ‘Dora The Explorer’ as she’s the more adventurous of the two. It looks, in this photo, as though she’s about to pounce on her brother’s tail!

Vaccinating kittens is really important before you let them explore outside, as this protects them against cat flu and enteritis (which causes potentially fatal diarrhoea) and feline leukaemia virus. These can be transmitted by close contact with an infected cat or through contact with a contaminated environment. Prevention is always better than cure, and, in the case of feline leukaemia virus, sadly there is no cure . . .

Did you know that when you come to The West Midlands Cat Clinic for a kitten vaccination course, your feline friend also receives a full health check with the vet, a month’s free parasite treatment against worms and fleas and 4 weeks free Petplan insurance?

Give us a ring on 01922 411755 to book your kitten in or for more information. Don’t forget, adult cats need regular vaccination too!