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We are loving looking after this gorgeous little hand rear kitten in practice. As soon as anyone approaches her kennel she runs over to chat and is incredibly cute! Little baby is still being bottle fed but it won’t be long before she’s weaning and gaining increasing experience of the wider world. We’re introducing her to a range of toys and textures as well as play and climbing opportunities, new scents from cat-friendly plants, handling experiences with different people and even carefully monitored interaction with a team member’s dogs, all in a positive, controlled way. This will help kitten to see similar encounters in future as normal and non-scary. She’s super confident just now and we want to help her grow up into a super confident cat!

Are you a new kitten parent? Or are you thinking of introducing a new baby feline friend into your family life? Check out International Cat Care’s brilliant guide to kitten care for great advice on how to help your little one feel settled and safe and how to meet their diverse range of needs.