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It’s cold outside…

Many of us will have woken up to icy windscreens this morning. Here are a few tips for keeping our feline friends happy, healthy and cosy in this wintery weather:

Make sure cats have somewhere they can snuggle up and get really comfy and warm indoors. Accommodate for older cats who may be less able to jump up to cosy spots likes beds or sofas. Ensure any cat beds are kept away from drafts. If lighting a fire or candles, make sure your furry friend can’t get dangerously close as they may be tempted!

Keep a litter tray indoors to give cats the option to stay in or go out. Especially favourable if we have snow.

Check cat flaps open freely and aren’t frozen shut.

If your cat is a lover of the outdoors, have some shelter for them in the garden – even a plastic box turned on its side – so that your cat has a dry, wind-protected space from which to watch the world go by.

Beware of cats in unusual places! Under the car bonnet can be an appealing shelter so do tap the bonnet before starting the car. Garden sheds are a great bolt hole so watch that cats don’t accidentally get shut in if the shed door has been open.

Antifreeze is tempting to reach for as a quick solution for defrosting icy windscreens. However, please avoid as the active ingredient ethylene glycol is extremely toxic to cats and other animals. Even a small amount can prove fatal. If you suspect your cat has ingested antifreeze, seek immediate veterinary attention. Remember, antifreeze is present in engine coolant so check regularly for any leaks and mop up spills immediately.