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Home comforts

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It was really hard to get a photo of gorgeous kitten Sebastian as he darted about with his special bird teddy from home. The ingenious but simple toy is suspended from elastic and ‘flies’ when you pull at it, and Sebastian kept swiping and chasing it as it boinged about his cat kennel. He has a super impressive reaction time! Great entertainment for us and for him while he waited for mum to arrive!

We encourage in-patients to bring a little day bag with them when they come in to visit with favourite toys and their bedding or special blanket from home. Having items that smell familiar (and hold cat’s scent) really helps with reducing pet anxiety in practice. If you are a multi-pet household, it also helps with reintegrating your feline friend back into their pet family post visit. They’ll still smell familiar and not so much like they’re just back from a day at the vets!