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Helping a new kitten to settle in

Bringing a kitten home for the first time into a brand new environment without mum and siblings can be a daunting thing for your new feline family member! But there are lots of things you can do to help kitten settle in and feel secure.

Confining kitten to a single room for a couple of weeks initially will help kitten become used to new smells and surroundings in a manageable way. Include comfy bedding, a litter tray and a food and water bowl, all spaced away from each other, and ensure there is nothing in the room that could harm kitten in any way. Prepare all this before kitten arrives so you are ready to welcome your newcomer.

When you first bring kitten home, open the cat box and let them explore in their own time. Some cats are braver and more curious than others. If kitten chooses to tuck themselves away, don’t coax them from their hiding place. Give them time to explore their immediate surroundings. Ideally, handling in the first couple of days should be instigated by kitten. Sitting on the floor can encourage interaction. Handle for short spells throughout the day after kitten has been with you for 48 hours.

Like any young, kittens need lots of sleep. It’s important to let them sleep rather than waking them to play. Use their natural active time for play time. Ask our team about toys that are perfect for kitten play. Playing together not only stimulates and exercises kitten and plays out natural instinct, but also provides important bonding time too.

Helping kitten feel confident in their new surroundings from the start helps with feline wellbeing when your cat is older. For more information on giving your new kitten the best start in their new home, read International Cat Care’s article ‘Helping your new cat or kitten settle in.’

These beautiful babies are a litter that was brought in by local rescue charity Kats Cradle back in May. We hope all kittens have found loving forever homes and are living their best kitty lives!