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Good hygiene and pet health

This week’s National Pet Month pet welfare focus is on good health. Preventative care like vaccination against diseases, monthly parasite treatment, a healthy balanced diet, regular exercise and play and regular pet health checks are all really important aspects of helping our pets stay fit and healthy. Less obvious, perhaps, but hugely pertinent given the covid pandemic, is the importance of good hygiene. This means keeping our pets’ environment clean and being conscious of our own hand hygiene, not only when we’re handling our pets, but taking into consideration the things we touch that our pets come into contact with and the potential for picking up and passing on infection. 

This week, National Pet Month’s Asha Clearwater has been talking to Jill Moss and Chris Laurence from The Bella Moss Foundation, an organisation set up in 2005 to inform pet owners and veterinary professionals on infection control. Watch their broadcast on National Pet Month’s Facebook page for top tips on preventing the spread of bacterial bugs at home. And check out The Bella Moss Foundation’s brand new video, ‘A guide to hand hygiene’ as well as more great resources around good hygiene practice for pet owners on their website.