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Fur ball alert!

Beautiful Sully is particularly striking because of his luscious long white coat. But it was this coat that caused poor Sully to be admitted for surgery earlier this month. The two year old Persian-cross came in to see us as he had become increasingly lethargic, had lost interest in food and had stopped going to the loo. When our vet Emma admitted Sully for an ultrasound scan to look for a blockage, his stomach was enlarged and Emma noticed additional shadowing which warranted explorative surgery. On checking Sully’s intestines and stomach, Emma came across a hard foreign body which turned out to be a rock solid ball of fur – an accumulation of ingested hair from Sully grooming his luscious long coat and the culprit of Sully’s condition!

We’re delighted that Sully is now back to his normal self and enjoying life again to the full. In addition to grooming him, his owners are now giving him fur ball paste to help him pass any ingested fur naturally.

Grooming long haired cats regularly is a great way to prevent tangles, remove loose hairs and helps prevent cat fur becoming lodged where it shouldn’t! And it can be lovely bonding time between you and your cat too!