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Free positive cat carrier training!

This year, in celebration of International Cat Day on 8th August, the cat charity International Cat Care is inviting cat owners to #BeCatCurious and embark on a training journey with your cat!

According to International Cat Care, 95% of cat owners would like more advice in training their cat, with over half stating they struggle to get their cat into the cat carrier. With this in mind, the charity is providing free step by step guidance on positively training cats to go into their cat carrier at home, to make excursions, like visits to the vets, less stressful.

For more information and to access free online events, Q&As, podcasts and short training videos with Feline Behaviourist and Veterinary Nurse Linda and her cat Olive, click here. Strengthen the bond between you and your feline friend and teach them a new skill that will benefit you both!