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Fireworks and keeping cats safe

Fireworks season can be a super stressful time of year for our feline friends. Here are some top tips for helping cats to feel less anxious:

Keeping cats indoors helps to shield them from noise, light and potential danger. Make sure cat flaps and windows are closed.

It’s a good idea to get your cat microchipped. If your cat then does escape and go to hide, there’s a much greater likelihood you will be reunited. Check your contact details are up to date!

Have extra litter trays to hand, and place near exits so your cat doesn’t get caught short.

Allow cats to go and hide if they need to. This is their coping strategy. Make sure your cat has easy access to their best indoor hiding spots. You can even try creating them a little den from a cardboard box and familiar bedding.

Turn on the radio or TV and cover the windows to help block out lights and scary noises.

Synthetic pheromones can help cats to feel calm. You can use plug in diffusers or spray directly onto localised areas commonly frequented by your cat, like favourite places to sleep.

Stay calm and act normally! If you are unusually cuddly with your feline friend or are following them around to check they are ok, they will know something is not right!

A new toy can act as a distraction.

If you need any further advice about supporting your cat during the fireworks season, please do get in touch with The West Midlands Cat Clinic on 01922 411755.