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Celebrating feline nursing!

Our cat-friendly practice has a veterinary nurse with a prestigious feline nursing qualification!

May is Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month! Did you know that at The West Midlands Cat Clinic, we have a Registered Veterinary Nurse who is also holder of a prestigious Diploma in Feline Medicine? Jodie Barnfield completed her 18 month feline-intensive course with the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) in 2019, receiving a brilliant distinction. She attended ISFM’s two day feline congress last year, just before lockdown hit, and continues to be proactive about undertaking cat-related learning to ensure our feline visitors receive the best possible care.

Helping our feline patients even more!

In addition to in-patient feline nursing care, Jodie’s diploma included feline-focused learning around positive wellbeing and behaviour, pain management, life stage care and support and running successful veterinary nurse clinics. All perfect for totally feline-focused informed nurse appointments. And she is responsible for introducing kitten socialisation clinics to our extensive nurse clinic portfolio. These include advice for cat owners around how exposing your kitten to new positive behavioural experiences combined with play and cuddles with our team helps make visits to the vets less scary later on.

This is Jodie with stunning Bengal kitten Betsy, who was interested in having a really good look round the consult room on her visit last week. She’s encouraging the inquisitive 4 month-old onto the scales through play, to stay still long enough to be weighed!

We look forward to Jodie introducing further new cat-friendly initiatives and sharing her new learning with our cat-passionate veterinary team!