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Feeling chilled!

Those of you who have already brought your cat in to see us will know that we’re super keen on helping your feline friend’s visit to be as stress-free as possible. From gentle music in the waiting room and cat coffee tables by our sofas to rest carriers on (feline friends feel more secure at height), to synthetic pheromone plug-ins which help to minimise feline stress. And, of course, there are no doggy smells or noisy barking both of which can be scary for cats.

Feeling more relaxed in the waiting room helps going into the consultation room too. Cats often come out of their carriers much more readily and like to have a good explore. Some will even find a comfy spot where they can settle down. This is Sasha who came in to have a wound looked at and decided the top of the cat climbing cubes was a great place to perch! The perfect spot from which to watch the humans in the room!