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West Midlands Cat Clinic Consultation Room

Our facilities include:

WMCC Consultation Room

On Site Specialist Equipment

Blood machines and laboratory

Our laboratory includes both a biochemistry analyser and a haematology analyser. The biochemistry analyser is used for testing blood chemical levels to check liver and kidney health as well as identifying anomalies such as high blood sugar, an indicator of diabetes, or whether a pet is suffering from dehydration. The haematology analyser tests blood cell counts to help us evaluate a pet’s overall health, and can detect a range of disorders such as anaemia, infection and immune-mediated disease. Having these units on site gives us access to results quickly, particularly useful in critical cases.

Binocular Loupes

We use our binocular loupes for enlarging the view of the operation site during fine surgery and for ophthalmic examination at close range. The loupes are a set of magnifying, scratch resistant, fully adjustable lenses suspended from a cushioned headband for comfort and ease of use.


This specialist veterinary piece of equipment enables us to visually examine and take samples from the nasal passages, right down the airways into the lungs of any animal, even the smallest of cats. Only 4mm wide, it is an impressive 68cm long with a tip that can be rotated a full 180° for greater visibility. We use the bronchoscope in conjunction with a rigid foreign body retrieval device to look for and dislodge foreign bodies from the back of the throat or the oesophagus (the food pipe down to the stomach), a rare but life threatening problem.

We also have access to larger endoscopes allowing us to examine and biopsy the stomach or intestine when necessary (for example repeated vomiting or chronic diarrhoea).


We can perform conscious wart and skin tag removal through cryosurgery. This is where localised areas are frozen for a short period of time using a Cryopen. The treatment kills the localised area, and wart or cyst drops off within a couple of weeks.

Digital Dental X-ray Facility

We use a ‘direct’ or DR radiography system specifically for x-raying teeth because the X-ray image clarity is amazing. Digital dental x-rays are imperative for accurately identifying tooth issues below the gum line. It has been estimated that over 70% of cats over 5 years old have at least one resorptive lesion (, a painful condition that causes holes in their tooth roots, crowns or both. An appropriate dental plan cannot be established without high quality X-rays, such as those taken at West Midlands Cat Clinic, and we believe that cats should not undergo dental treatment if X-rays are not available. See our dentistry page for more information about our dental services.

Dental iM3 Unit

The iM3 dental unit and ultrasonic dental scaler is used for all our scaling procedures. Recommended by veterinary dental specialists as being safe, quick and effective, the round titanium head scales teeth clean without any pressure and destroys bacteria by ultrasound.

We also have the iM3 air driven dental unit for cutting, drilling, polishing and burring treatments. This machine has many unique features including fibre-optics (for increased visibility) and CLS (a disinfectant that increases hygiene) for optimum care. For more information about our dental services, visit our dentistry page.

Prep and Dental

ECG (electrocardiograph)

Our portable ECG enables us to run a trace on the electrical activity of the heart to see whether the heart is beating abnormally and aids diagnoses of related conditions.

Laser Therapy Unit

Our portable class IIIb laser therapy unit enables us to offer low level laser therapy to support rehabilitative care and pain management in a wide range of pet health issues.

Laser therapy can be used for:
  1. Healing: laser therapy increases energy and protein production by cells which encourages cell multiplication and new cell growth. This promotes wound healing, muscle repair and post-op fracture repair and reduces recovery time. Treatment can also be used to reduce inflammation and help manage long term skin problems
  2. Pain relief: laser stimulates the release of endorphin (natural pain inhibitor) and serotonin (which makes you feel happier). It also suppresses nociceptors (pain receptors), reducing the pain sensation in the body. The most common condition we treat with laser therapy is arthritis
  3. Immune system support: immune cells become more active in response to laser, improving the body’s ability to fight infection.

Read more about laser therapy on our dedicated laser therapy page.

Orthopaedic facilities

One of our vets, Carlos Boix Boente, has a post-graduate certificate in small animal surgery and we offer some advanced procedures not available at many general practices. Also, with Carlos’s qualification and experience, you can be sure that the procedures we offer are done with a high level of understanding, knowledge and expertise.

Sterile Theatre


A  Tonovet® is a veterinary specific tonometer: an instrument used for accurately measuring intraoccular pressure (eye pressure). Eye pressure that is too high or too low can be symptomatic of more serious eye disease. Red eye with no obvious cause should always be tested with a tonometer, as red eye can indicate swelling. Measuring intraoccular pressure facilitates making a diagnosis and could even save an animal’s sight.

The Tonovet® works on a rebound-measuring principle: a very light probe is used to make momentary, gentle contact with the cornea and gives a reading of a pet’s eye pressure. Contact is so light, the movement is barely noticed by the pet, so this test can be done in conscious cats without the need for local anaesthetic.

Ultrasound scanner

For clarity and quality of image, the practice has invested in an ex-NHS ultrasound machine which has been reconditioned for veterinary use. We have three probes to allow us to examine different internal structures at different depths in different ways. Whilst X-rays give us a still two-dimensional ‘photograph’, the ultrasound machine uses sound waves to create a ‘moving picture’ (or video) of your pet’s insides, to enable us to build up a 3D impression of organs or other internal areas under examination. 

X-ray facilities

Our powerful X-ray machine and digital processor allow us to take, develop and read high quality X-rays ourselves. This helps us to reach diagnoses on a number of conditions quickly and effectively.

For dental procedures, we use our digital dental radiography system. This is a digital x-ray machine which feeds through incredibly detailed x-rays to a laptop for interpretation. The system enables us to make accurate assessment and reach early diagnosis on conditions such as a suspected root abscess. See our dentistry page for more information.

X-Ray Facilities