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Coming to visit the vets

What an exciting week! We’ve loved meeting those of you who have come to The West Midlands Cat Clinic in our first few days of opening, and we hope our cat-only status and relaxed, calming environment has made for a more relaxing visit to the vets for your cat – and for you!

We appreciate that sometimes it can be a challenge to actually get your cat to the vets! Here are some great tips from cat charity International Cat Care which can make a big difference when bringing your cat in:

Leaving the cat carrier out at home, perhaps where your cat likes to eat or sleep, helps cats to see the carrier as a familiar feature, not just something scary that only appears when a vet visit is due! Putting familiar bedding in may even encourage you cat to use their carrier as a bed!

When travelling to the vet, familiar smells can be very calming. Line the carrier with bedding that your cat normally sleeps on and an item of clothing from their favourite person. You can also wipe your cat’s face gently with a cloth to pick up its scent and then rub the cloth around the inside of the carrier. Using synthetic feel-safe pheromone spray can also help.

Do feel free to ask us for more tips and advice!