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Cold for cats!

This is the view on the main A34 in front of the cat clinic this morning. With temperatures set to remain sub zero for the next few days at least, here are some top tips to keep our feline friends cosy and comfy:

If you have a cat flap, check it hasn’t frozen over and that cats can get in and out as they need. It’s an idea to have a litter tray indoors to give cats the option to stay in should they choose.

If cats have been outside, gently wipe their paws to remove any ice (or snow) build up and to ensure they don’t have any grit or rock salt residue that they could ingest when grooming. Check paws for weather-induced sore patches too. And if their fur is wet, gently towel them dry so that they can get warm and cosy indoors more readily.

Have lots of cosy, accessible draft-free spots indoors where cats can snuggle up. But be mindful of open fires, candles and hot surfaces – don’t let feline friends get too close!

With frozen windscreens being a common event, take care if using antifreeze. The sweet taste is appealing to animals, but the chemical component ethylene glycol is highly toxic and ingesting only a small amount can be fatal for cats. Clear up any antifreeze spills immediately, store responsibly and remember to check your car radiator for leaks. And before driving off, tap the car bonnet to check no furry friends have taken to sheltering under the hood.

If you have any concerns about your cat’s health at this time, please give us a call on 01922 411755.