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Celebrating our veterinary nurses

Did you know that May is Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month (VNAM)? The purpose of VNAM is to help raise awareness about the importance of veterinary nurses in the provision of responsible pet care to owners, and to showcase the amazing skills and knowledge vet nurses exhibit day in, day out to help your pets stay happy and healthy.

VNAM’s theme for 2023 is ‘Empowerment’. Throughout May, we’ll be dedicating a post to each of our nursing team members to show you how our nurses are empowered in practice to help deliver great care for your pets.

Cody is our Lead Nurse and has been at 387 Vets and The West Midlands Cat Clinic for just over a year. We are super excited as she has just passed a Certificate in Small Animal Nutrition, which took 2 years, much study, independent case studies, 8 assessments and a final exam to complete. Cody’s qualification included in-depth training on optimal feeding at different pet life stages to help reduce the risk of common age-related illnesses. In addition, the course addressed dietary advice and recommended modifications for pets with specific medical conditions including gastrointestinal and thyroid issues, liver and kidney failure, urinary tract disorders and certain orthopaedic conditions.

Cody is now running special nurse referral consultations for pets with specific medical conditions to support them nutritionally with managing their health. A brilliant new addition to our spectrum of nursing clinics!