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Cat box clever

Cat carriers can have a big impact on your cat’s experience of coming to the vets. So what is the best type of cat carrier to use? The charity, Cats Protection recommends that carriers are sturdy, strong, lightweight and easy to clean. Something that can be securely fitted into the footwell of the car and stabilised with a towel underneath. Cat carrier should be big enough for your cat to lie down and move position, but not so big that your cat tumbles about in them during the journey. Carriers need good ventilation to keep cats cool and able to breathe feely. And don’t forget to consider where the opening is too. Whilst top loading carriers may be easier to lower your cat into, front-loading carriers will often also allow you to remove the whole of the top half. This is great for helping cats acclimatise to the carrier at home, and use the carrier like a bed.

This is Beatrice who has been in this morning for a post op check after her recent dental procedure. She decided that she’s like to stay in her cat carrier for a little while before coming out to say hello. Because we could take the top half off her carrier, it meant that she could have stayed snuggly for her whole appointment if she hadn’t decided to come out and explore!