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Best friends!

Doc and Marty are the perfect pin ups for National Pet Month this week, as the charity’s theme of the week is companionship. The duo were dumped on the doorstep of their owner’s friend at just a few weeks’ old. The friend had a cat that had just had kittens so she took them in until Doc and Marty’s owner eventually adopted them. She had to adopt both kittens as they were inseparable!

The human-pet bond can be incredibly rewarding for both people and pets and can bring lots of natural benefits. Pets have the incredible capacity to make us feel happier, less stressed and more purposeful, and they encourage us to be healthier too through interactive play. In return, we provide them with a safe, comfortable living environment and invest in their health and happiness too.

To find out more about the impact of the human-animal bond, visit National Pet Month’s Facebook page where Asha Clearwater talks to Liz Ormerod of the Society of Companion Animal Studies and Jen Berezai from AdvoCATs about companionship, pet-friendly rental accommodation and the benefits for older people sharing their lives with a pet.